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DRC Blog

You Talk and We Listen

Petar Soldo

Digital is dynamite. It can only be described as millions of explosives constantly going off and before your enthusiastic digital marketer even has a chance to clean up the debris, another bomb goes off in the distance. This does not imply that it is unenjoyable because in essence it may be one of the most exciting, dynamic and outright groovy industries to date...but I am impartial.

Many people question what it is that we at Digital Republic Consulting actually do. This can be answered in one simple sentence: You talk and we listen. We look into the minds of consumers.  Now while this may seem particularly invasive, we can only see what an individual intends for us to see. It is a relationship of give and take that is beneficial both to us and the consumer.

There are some common misconceptions that online media is simply a space to share humorous memes, post before and after pictures of one’s gym progress and engage with extended family that you would otherwise rather never engage with, bar a postcard in the mail. These are some of the things that certainly make social media interesting but our job is to make it useful.

There are two distinguishable departments at Digital Republic: analytics and creative. I form a part of the latter which involves content creation and consistent monitoring of our clients’ online platforms. My daily objectives are to share content which has ‘shareability’, ‘retweetability’ and ‘likeability’. Essentially, I want you to see it, read it and feel it. I adopt a creative yet informative approach to creating online social media content that appeals to the desired target market. Analytics, on the other hand, involves the rather intimidating notion of BIG DATA. My colleagues utilise their awe-inspiring statistical skills in multi-platform analyses of online data with the assistance of a multi-dimensional programme named Tracx. Amongst many other things, Tracx utilises machine learning by constructing algorithms that make data predictions with little human interaction. This allows for the analytics department to monitor any online activity pertaining to our clients. Our team works on online reputation management, monitoring of online conversations, predictive analysis through trend analysis, creating actionable insights for companies, strategic planning that coincides with the visions of the client and many more ad hoc tasks and case studies that help us keep you informed. The intricacies of this work are too vast to express here but inherently, it encompasses a lot of raw data that we compartmentalise and bring sense to.

So, besides the evident boasting of the quintessential digital marketing company, I feel that the most imperative question is not what we do but why is it useful? If you are reading this article, then you already know the answer to this question. We are in an ever-changing world where many people nourish their brains with information gathered from social media sites. If we have a complaint about a product or service, many of us would rather put fingers to keys and express our grievances over social media. Not only is it efficient but it also makes you feel like a part of a community that understands you. I reiterate: You talk and we listen. Whilst some may mourn the seemingly archaic ways of organic customer-brand interactions, social media provides a convenient, energy-saving and cost-effective way to communicate. Similarly, what better way to know the true reputation of a brand than viewing it from the uncensored opinions of its consumers?

With regards to our vision as a brand, we have three fundamental goals. These include:

1. Having the best people in the business

2. Living the motto of customer centricity

3. Delivering actionable insights

We are here to serve our clients and we are here to serve their customers. We form a web of communication that runs across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. We manage large communities of people who are constantly being reassured that their questions are being answered and their voices are being heard. We delight in knowing that consumers are satisfied with a product or service and if this is not the case, we work diligently to rebuild a strong relationship between our clients and their consumers.

I have placed the work of Digital Republic in a nutshell. We are multi-faceted company using a highly intelligent social media monitoring computer programme - I really could keep typing until my fingers fall off. Our value lies in what we deliver and create. We exist purely to deliver a service that is strengthened by our expertise of the modern world of communication and enhanced by a principle of transparency.


If you have any more questions, please do ask…we will listen.


Written by Claire King – Content Specialist